Conservacion Patagonica is an dynamic community of people who
share one thing: a commitment to the wild future of Patagonia.

About fifty people work full-time on the creation of Patagonia National Park, but many thousands more throughout the world have joined in this project in one form or another, be it volunteering with ecosystem restoration, donating, spreading the word, serving as supportive neighbors, or lending expertise.

It's our stellar team of conservationists who bring a variety
of skills and backgrounds to the project, that lets us tackle the
creation of new parks.

In 2000, Kristine Tompkins founded Conservacion Patagonica. The former longtime CEO of the Patagonia clothing company, Kris has lived in South America for two decades, working full-time on land and wildlife conservation projects. Business luminaries, environmental advocates and scientific pioneers guide our Board of Directors and our Science Advisory Board. Working in the Chacabuco Valley, our all-Chilean team includes wildlife biologists, animal trackers, restoration specialists, architects, landscapers, construction workers, teachers, volunteer program coordinators, and chefs. Our satellite U.S. office, in Sausalito, CA, focuses on outreach, communications, and development.

Our generous supporters, key partners in this project, enable us
to work on this globally significant scale.

Foundations such as the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Butler Conservation Fund, the Arcadia Fund, and the Wallace Genetic Foundation, along with hundreds of individual donors, have contributed to this initiative, helping us cross the midway point in this ambitious project. For information about joining us, please look here.

Volunteers, interns, visiting experts and neighbors lend a hand in transforming the Chacabuco Valley from estancia to park.

There are threatened species to monitor, restoration techniques to study, trails to build, new sectors to map, fences to remove, exotic species to control, trees to plant, children to teach, people to feed...the list continues, and we're immensely grateful to the hundreds of people who have put their skills to use towards the creation of a park for generations to come. Read more about our volunteer program here and our intern program here.