Related Organizations

Conservacion Patagonica, a publically-supported nonprofit founded by Kristine Tompkins, works closely with the Conservation Land Trust and the Foundation for Deep Ecology, both private foundations founded by Doug Tompkins. One might term them sister organizations: although each tackles separate projects, the organizations share a common vision and philosophy, as well as several key people.

Founded in 1992, The Conservation Land Trust focuses on protecting and restoring wilderness areas in Chile and Argentina. It has spearheaded the creation of Pumalin Park, a 756,000-acre Nature Sanctuary in the temperate rainforest of south Chile, and Corcovado National Park, a 726,000-acre coastal protected area just south of Pumalin. Currently, its main initiative is in the Ibera wetlands of northeastern Argentina. Learn more at

Founded in 1990, the Foundation for Deep Ecology is an environmental grant making organization that supports education and advocacy on behalf of wild nature. Its three main program areas are Biodiversity and Wildness, Ecological Agriculture, and Globalization and Megatechnology Criticism. In recent years, FDE has shifted to focus mostly on its publishing program, which produces large photo-format activist books. Book titles include Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry (1994), Tragedia del Bosque Chileno (The Tragedy of the Chilean Forest) (1998), Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture (2002), Patagonia Chilena Sin Represas (2007), and Wildlands Philanthropy: The Great American Tradition (2008). In the early 1990s, FDE participated in the formation of the International Forum on Globalization, which published seminal critiques of economic globalization and sponsored public "teach-ins." FDE has also sponsored the translations of seminal environmental books, such as Spanish and Russian editions of William Catton Jr's Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change. Learn more at