Building Public Access

In building the future Patagonia National Park, we are not just restoring land and protecting wildlife, but providing a stunning, engaging, and accessible park experience for visitors from around the world to appreciate the wild beauty of Patagonia. Conservacion Patagonica is engaged in building and maintaining public access infrastructure that will enable our visitors to enjoy this vast and vibrant landscape. By providing visitors with an intimate and exciting experience in wild nature, we hope to inspire a greater conservation ethos that will promote better environmental stewardship far beyond the boundaries of the future park.

Practically speaking, building public access means constructing park headquarters, building trails, establishing campgrounds, and ensuring sustainable energy sources by building renewable energy systems.

Fitting well with the landscape and reflecting a local style are equally critical to us—all of our infrastructure projects respond to the terrain and history of this unique place. We have designed and constructed highly durable structures that can withstand the high winds and severe climate of the region. So that the park's physical spaces reinforce an environmental ethos, we're using local materials whenever possible. A small stone quarry which we operate within the Chacabuco Valley provides rock for the exterior of all buildings. Interior beams and woodwork come from recycled wood in the Patagonia region. Copper roofs use one of Chile's major resources to ensure durability. Skilled craftsmanship and thoughtful design work ensure that interior spaces heighten sensitivity to beauty, make the park appealing to visitors and develop a sense of permanence.


Trail in the future park


Renewable energy system