How to Get Here

Location of the Park

Where we are

The future Patagonia National Park, in Chile’s XI (Aysen) region, is about 1,200 miles south of Santiago and 190 miles south of the regional capital, Coyhaique. The 650,000 acres that will comprise the park stretch from Lake General Carrera, South America’s second-largest lake, in the north to Lake Cochrane in the south, and from the Argentine border on the east to the Baker River on the west.

Arriving from the north (Santiago/Puerto Montt)

The easiest way to reach the park is to fly to Balmaceda Airport (Coyaique); LAN ( and SKY ( both operate flights to Balmaceda from Santiago and Puerto Montt. Buses also arrive in Coyhaique from points north.

To reach the park from Balmaceda or Coyhaique, drive or take a bus south on the Carretera Austral (route 7). You can rent a car at the Balmaceda airport or in Coyhaique, or catch a bus south in Coyhaique. Three bus companies offer service south from Coyhaique: Buses Don Carlos, Acuario 13, and Buses Sao Paulo. Between the three companies, there’s usually one bus leaving every morning during the high season, around 9 am. Tickets cost ~$20 USD.

If you’re driving:

This mostly-dirt highway—the only continuous north-south road in Aysen—makes for an exciting road trip, with miles between houses, and hours between gas stations. The trip from Coyhaique/Balmaceda to the park can take anywhere from four to eight hours. You’ll find potholes, crazy drivers, terrifyingly sharp curves, steep cliffs, and few guardrails—but also spectacular views of bright blue rivers, snow-capped mountains, and wild terrain. Hitchhiking along this route remains common.

The directions to reach the park are simple: drive the Carretera Austral south around Lago General Carrera, passing Puerto Rio Tranquilo, the last stop for gas. Continue on past the village of Puerto Bertrand and follow the Baker River. Once you cross the Chacabuco River (you’ll see a sign), you’re a few kilometers away from the Cruce Baker, which overlooks the confluence of the Baker and Chacabuco Rivers. At that point, take a left towards Entrada Baker. You’ll drive 11 km on this road before reaching the park headquarters/ Lodge at Valle Chacabuco.

If you’re taking the bus:

Ask to be dropped off at Cruce Entrada Baker, 17 km before Cochrane and just under an hour from Puerto Bertrand. As of September 2011, no buses run from the crossroads to the park headquarters. Your best bet is to hitchhike, especially during the summer high season.

Arriving from the south

If you’re approaching the future Patagonia National Park from Cochrane, Villa O’Higgins or other points south on the Carretera Austral, drive north 18km past Cochrane to the Cruce Entrada Baker described above. From there, drive 11km east to the park headquarters.

Arriving from Argentina

To reach the park from the east, turn off of Ruta 40 at Paso Roballos on the main east-west road. Cross the border and drive about an hour west on the mail road to the central park headquarters.